A fat black girl’s guide to facesitting.

This is a fat black girl’s guide to facesitting. A little unconventional but yes.

If you have never sat on anyone’s face, I suggest you do so before die. Under the right tongue that is. I am Afrika. 5’6, weighing around 66kgs. I also love face sitting. A lot. It’s pleasurable. It’s intense. It’s dirty and nasty and that’s the thrill of it.

Still, self esteem issues bra!

As a fat girls, I know we struggle with comfortably sitting one someone’s face without worrying about how much we weigh or smell. I mean, I can count the number of times I got so into it that I had to be reminded that I wasn’t alone. I almost killed a human being. 😭😭

Also, I am sure this is a struggle most of us go through only that we rarely talk about it.
Sex between two women can be nasty, messy and surprisingly full of unnecessary pressure that you’ll either cum ten times in a row or leave feeling worthless and sloppy. I’ve been in both situations and the latter is a bitch.

So, brave youself babies. Here is what you need to do if you want to have that intense kind of orgasm.

1. Nothing.

Yes. Nothing.

Be you. Relax, breathe in and present thy pussy for offering. If they don’t appreciate it, fold thy girl and look for someone else. Wait, you thought I was really gonna name lots of bullshit on this topic?

Fuck no. Now stop stalking me and go get your pussy ate.

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