Evolution of ME.

Of nighties and nine o’clock tea.

I am fat. With chubby arms and a visible pot belly.
My thighs are thick and I stand at around 5’5 or 5’6. I have cellulite and stretch marks. A messy combination.

My hair is weird and I talk too fast. Sometimes my left tit aches and I hope it’s not cancer. I can’t have sex without taking a bath first. My self esteem is trash. I also struggle to look people in the eye and I compensate this with a loud ass personality.

It amazes me how I am likable these days.

People love being around me and hugging me. When I was younger, I rarely got any hugs because I was a weirdo and it hurt. This week alone I got so many kisses I lost count.

I have chest problems so my breathing is a little bit loud when I am sleeping. Oh and I talk in my sleep sometimes. I have a big ass too so if you don’t plan on touching me when we share a bed, I apologize for the struggle I’ll make you go through in advance.
I don’t do this knowingly though.

©Nyar Afrika 2018.

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