Evolution of ME.

Of nighties and nine o’clock tea. I am fat. With chubby arms and a visible pot belly. My thighs are thick and I stand at around 5’5 or 5’6. I have cellulite and stretch marks. A messy combination. My hair is weird and I talk too fast. Sometimes my left tit aches and I hope […]


She’s just not the normal size. Her arms are thick and her bust is full. She talks about how she would be so happy if she didn’t have bigger tits. She does hate them. If anything, she is so damn proud of them. They are just, big. In a way she didn’t expect. She loves […]

I am hers.

She toys with her food. She has barely eaten despite knowing how I feel about food wastage. “Eat.” I command albeit in a soft tone. She stares at me for a minute or two, her mind working fast. Finally, she takes her plate and begins munching on her fries. I let out a sigh of […]

A fat black girl’s guide to facesitting.

This is a fat black girl’s guide to facesitting. A little unconventional but yes. If you have never sat on anyone’s face, I suggest you do so before die. Under the right tongue that is. I am Afrika. 5’6, weighing around 66kgs. I also love face sitting. A lot. It’s pleasurable. It’s intense. It’s dirty […]

Queefing is normal. Can we do better in 2019?

My first queefing experience. I know it’s Christmas and most of you are at home with families and that’s okay but again, that’s none of my business, we are gonna talk about sex. If you have to go to the bathroom to read this article, it’s okay. Let’s talk about queefing. When this happens to […]